Name Ballerina
Shows Sofia the First
Alignment Good
Homeland Duchess Matilda's Manor
Friends Princess Sofia, Aunt Tilly, Spruce, Muck, Gunk and Grime
First Appeared "Minding the Manor"

The Ballerina is a character that appears in the Sofia the First episode "Minding the Manor". She is a magical figurine that is part of Tilly's magic music box.



The Ballerina is very absent-minded to the point where, according to Tilly, she is very forgetful to the point where she can't remember important things. This can make her more a liability than an asset as shown when she forgot that the green roll brings the gargoyles to life and when she wasn't able to help Sofia find the roll that turns them back to stone due to not being able to remember which one it is.


She first appears after Tilly brings Sofia to her music room and plays the rainbow roll on her. When Sofia decides to play the green roll on her, she tells Sofia that's a very special roll but can't remember what's special about it. This turns out to be a bad idea because it brings the manor's gargoyles to life, which she remembers after she sees them. Sofia asks her which roll turns them back to stone but she can't remember. After the gargoyles boot Sofia and Spruce out, they try to destroy her. Sofia and Spruce sneak back in. While Spruce and Tilly's flying fish keep the gargoyles busy, Sofia finds the stone roll and turns them back to stone by playing it on her.