A Tale of Two Teams
Season 2, Episode 24
A Tale of Two Teams titlecard
Air date March 27, 2015
Production Code 225
Written by Michael G. Stern
Directed by Jamie Mitchell
Larry Leichliter
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"A Tale of Two Teams" is the forty-eighth episode of the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. It premiered on March 27, 2015, and is the twenty-fourth episode of the second season.


When a game of dazzleball pits the villagers against the royals, Sofia must decide whether to play with her old friends or her new family.


Sofia and her friends are practicing Dazzleball when an announcer announces that the King's Cup between the Royal Redhawks and the Dunwiddie Ducks takes place next week. Jade's worried that Sofia will be on the Royal Redhawks team since she's a Royal now, but Sofia says she'll be on their team as always. But when she tells her older siblings, they tell her, through a song, that she should be a Royal Redhawk since they're family and she reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Sofia tries to tell her friends, but in the end she doesn't have the heart to do so. After a chat with Clover, Sofia tries to get out of playing at all by faking an injury, but Amber sees through and exposes her. The next day, Jade is furious to see Sofia play on the Royal Team and even more so when the Ducks lose the practice game. Miranda takes Sofia aside and tells her to be true to herself and do what she thinks is right. The next day, Sofia apologizes to her friends and offers to be on the team. The rest of the Ducks forgive her and accept her, but Jade doesn't and tells her that nothing is forgiven.

The Ducks and Redhawks play fiercely, but Jade is having trouble. The Redhawks, meanwhile, have had enough of Amber's nonsensical coaching. Sofia finally realizes that the reason Jade's having trouble is because she needs glasses. At first, Jade refuses Sofia's help because she's still angry with her, but Sofia tells her that she understands that she's mad at her, but she's worried about her. Jade puts the glasses on and scores the winning point. Afterwards Jade reconciles with Sofia and the Dunwiddie Ducks win the King's Cup.



The transcript for A Tale of Two Teams may be viewed here.